Friday, January 8, 2010

Crying and Painting

I got a wild hair that it was time to paint my bathroom Tuesday. I had errands to run anyway, so a stop by Lowe's to buy some light sage greenish paint seemed like a good idea. Here I am in Lowe's looking at the hundreds of paint chips they have. I didn't like any of the greens. Not a one. Each one looked minty green or pea green or puke green to me. So, I bought purple. Yes, purple. The actual name is stardust evening. My thoughts were along the lines of a pale purple/lilac with a hint of gray. In my mind's eye, it looked absolutely beautiful and restful.

I buy a gallon of the paint along with a gallon of oil based Kilz to prime with. Why that? Because 1. There are a couple of spots of water damage from where the roof leaked a few years ago that I hadn't gotten around to painting yet. 2. It being a bathroom, I thought it would be better to use that in a high moisture area. I walked by the paint brushes, rollers, sand paper, and putty knives thinking, "This is not the first time any painting has been done. I've got all of these things are at home." I also buy a dry wall patch kit to fix the hole in the wall from moving a light fixture.

I come home only to realize that I can not find the half dozen putty knives I KNOW we have. I also could not find the sand paper or all of the paint rollers. UGH! I found enough to get started. My neighbor graciously let me borrow some sand paper and putty knives. He even came over and fixed the hole for me. :o) I don't know what Keith did with all of our paint supplies, but I sure couldn't find them.

I removed the wallpaper border and started sanding the walls down. I was pretty far into the sanding process when my coughing made me realize that I had not put on a mask before I started sanding. Not good, but I did put a mask on at that point. Then I started priming the linen storage area with the Kilz. I did turn the exhaust fan on in the bathroom, but I didn't realize until after I finished priming that area that I should have opened the bedroom window too. At one point, I stepped off the ladder onto the floor, except both my feet were already on the floor. Yep, I inhaled way too much Kilz. I decided to call it a night on the painting.

Today I put on the first layer of stardust evening. It is purple. It is way more purple than the color chip indicated. I guess I am going to have to live with it. I am not painting my bathroom a second time.

On to the crying. This is the first house project that I've done without Keith. We worked really well together when we did those kinds of projects. We've painted, laid flooring, changed light fixtures, installed custom closet shelving, and hung ceiling fans together. The past two days I have been doing this first project without him. Yesterday was not hard for me. The reality of it all didn't hit me until I was doing the cutting in this morning. Keith hated cutting in. He tried everything he could to get out of it. I didn't mind the cutting in. While I did the cutting in, Keith would begin rolling on the paint.

I've spent a lot of time cutting in and crying, rolling on the paint and crying.

I don't know how long it will take me to finish the whole bathroom, but I will. I'm sure I'll spend some more time crying while I paint too.

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