Thursday, June 4, 2015

Hey Y'all!

Hey Y'all!

Life is still ever changing, but I'm still living it instead of the other way around.

May 9th has come and gone. It was a magical, blessing-filled, surreal day. I graduated summa cum laude with my bachelor's degree in science with a major in elementary education.


I am just beginning to realize exactly what I have accomplished. I've only accomplished it through God's grace and mercy!

I don't have a teaching job yet, but I am confident that God has one just for me. He is teaching me the value of patience. Patience has never been one of my "virtues," but I am learning.

The kids are doing well. Nick had CT scans earlier this week. The oncologist told us the cancer is "stone cold stable." I sure do love hearing those words!!! No chemo for now. For those who haven't seen Nick in a while, he has lost weight and is pretty slim now. The weight loss is primarily from his being off of the massive doses of steroids for almost 2 years now. He is feeling pretty well most days, although he does get tired. The fatigue will be something he deals with for the rest of his life. It's just a long term side effect of the long term chemo and radiation treatments. We are awaiting the decision of the disability hearing. Please continue praying for Nick. There are so many things that are up in the air for him.

Kacie finished out her freshman year of high school strong! She is an A student. I'm so proud of her. She loves driving and is counting down the days until she turns 16. Please be in prayer for her as well. She is trying to decide the path God wants her to take both in her education as well as dance.

My kiddos are growing up SO FAST!!! Whew!! Where did the time go?!

Thank you for continuing to lift us up. This is the first time in many years that I do not feel like my world is crashing down around me. This is the first time in six years that I am not consumed by grief from April to July. This time...I am full of hope. I still miss Keith. I still grieve his death, but I am not consumed by that grief.

Please know that what ever you are dealing with, God WILL see you through it if you allow HIM. I never believed that I would be able to finish college, much less do it with highest honors. I thought I would never be able to identify myself as anything except a widow. I have learned so much about myself in this journey. It's only too late if you never try to accomplish something.

As always...

We remain IN HIS GRIP!


Sunday, March 22, 2015

Living Again

Hello Blog World!

I hope this finds you well.

I am happy to say that I am living life instead of life living me. I know that it has been a really long time since my last post. I've even been neglecting my personal journal. Life is full of more than just doctor visits, chemotherapy and radiation treatments, and even appointments with My Lovely Counselor.

What have we been up too? Well, Nick is doing well. He isn't in remission anymore, but the lymphoma is stable. The end of 2014 was rocky and full of unknowns. We relied on God to show us the path to take and make provision for those paths. As a matter of fact, Nick had PET scans just last week. The results show stable disease. STABLE is such a good word to hear from an oncologist.

Kacie has turned 15 and gotten her learner's permit. She is becoming more and more confident each time behind the wheel. She is in her final 9 weeks as a high school freshman. Kacie is also wrapping up her tenth year of dance.

As for me, I'm in my last semester of college at Athens State University. I am almost finished with my student teaching. I will graduate on May 9 with my Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education. I don't think I have completely comprehended exactly how life is going to change within the coming weeks and months.

For the first time since Nick was born, I'll be working full time. That's almost 21 years! I get a little melancholy when I think about Keith and what he wanted for me. I promised him right before he died that I would finish my degree. I am just about to do that. It's...bittersweet. I wish he were here to celebrate the accomplishment with me and the kids. I know that he has earned his reward though and I would not ask him to give that up. Keith's perseverance throughout his battle with cancer is one of my inspirations. Nick's continually positive outlook, despite being repeatedly knocked down by life, inspires me. Kacie's loving and compassionate heart inspires me to see the good. They remind me of their dad every day.

So, May 9th is a big day in our lives. Please continue to pray for us. The road is still long. Nick has a hearing concerning his application for disability coming up in May as well. I need a teaching job. As a mom, I need to give my kiddos some security.

We remain...

In HIS Grip!