Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tornadoes, trips, and tummy aches

This past week has been one that I am not in a hurry to relive ANY time soon. It has been a week that I spent working, taking Nick to Birmingham for CT scans and chemo, tornadoes touching down, and an ulcer flare up to top it all off.

Whew!! I don't mean to complain, but it has been a week that I do not want to go through again any time soon.

I guess it's really the tornadoes that I don't want to relive. I've done the scan thing with Nick countless times. The only new part of the visit this past week was the CT scans of Nick's brain. Yes, I've been concerned that there might be a cancer issue there. There wasn't any cancer detected in Nick's brain. Praise God!

Ok, so that alone was enough to aggravate my stomach ulcer. I'm working with MLC to stop minimizing brain scans.

The tornado event was frightening. Honestly, tornadoes don't frighten me a whole lot. I respect the power of the beast though. This event was just too close to home...literally and figuratively.

I was working as a sub at an elementary school when the storms hit. Nick was at the high school. Kacie was at the middle school. I was good through most of it, except when I heard that the tornado had touched down near my house. My fears built up more once I realized that the tornado that passed over my house was likely headed straight for the middle school where Kacie was at.

Not knowing if she was okay was very terrifying. We had no power. No way of knowing what had been hit.

Eventually, I got word that Kacie was okay. The school didn't take a direct hit, but the church and neighboring homes and businesses did.

Being able to wrap my arms around both my kids when we were all finally able to be home together (which took several hours due to the damage the tornado left behind) was the best thing EVER!!

The tornado came close to our neighborhood, but the damage was about a 1/2 mile down the road.

So, I spent the weekend trying to get my tender tummy back under control. All that stress wrecked havoc on my ulcer. I'm finally feeling better. Things are settling down. A bit of our version of normal would be nice.

As always, we remain...

In His Grip!!!