Thursday, February 26, 2009

taking time

It has been quite a while since I have blogged. Things at home have been incredibly busy the past few weeks. I have worked more days than I have stayed home. Keith has continued on with his chemo schedule. The kids have continued on with their school and other activities. I guess things have been about as normal for us as they can be considering. That certainly isn't' a bad thing.

We continue to feel God's presence daily in our lives. It is such a wonderful feeling to KNOW that the Lord is near each and every day. I have been participating in the Beth Moore Bible Study called Stepping Up. It has been a wonderful thing for me. I have shied away from in depth Bible studies much of the time Keith has been sick. The level of involvement any of the Beth Moore studies requires has been too much for my tender heart to endure. This time though, I was drawn. I could not stop thinking about it. I finally decided to go and loved it. The down side is I have been working so much. I haven't been able to attend very many of the actual meetings, but I have been able to mostly keep up with the videos and homework. This is one of my favorites. I can't wait to have the opportunity to go through it again. If you ever have the opportunity to do this study, I highly recommend it.

I would like to ask that you pray for me. There are some things that I feel like God may be wanting me to do, but they are way out of my comfort zone. I don't want to say too much, but I feel like this is something God has been preparing me for...for a long time. I am asking for prayer that God make His will crystal clear to me, and that I will have enough confidence in myself to take the step of faith His call will require of me.

One more prayer request is to pray for me Sunday evening. My pastor has asked me to share my testimony with our church that night. I am glad to share it, but I have to reopen some old wounds to do it give God the full glory He deserves. I ask that you pray that I can lay aside my fears and pride, so that God can speak through me. Keith and I prayed years ago that no matter what happens in our life, that God will use those circumstances for His glory. I am praying that this will be true for Sunday evening.

I will try to post Sunday night and let you all know how it goes.

Thanks for being patient with my long "bloggie" breaks.