Friday, October 1, 2010

There are some days

There are just some days that you don't want to live again, see again, or even think about anymore. These days do tend to stay with me though. It seems that since Keith died I have had more of those kind of days than the kind you want to relive, cherish, and hold near to your heart.

Those kind of bad, yucky, crappy, Alexander's No Good, Very Bad, Terrible Day kind of days just wear me out emotionally, mentally, and physically. The Alexander's reference is to a children's book about a kid that has had a really bad day. I can relate.

I wish I knew of some kind of cure for these bad days. I don't. I know that I pray A LOT during these days and after these days. I wish these nasty days would stop happening to my family. It seems like they just keep piling on. Kacie has asked me why God keeps allowing so much bad to happen to us. My only answer to her was that I didn't know. We just have to keep moving through the tough times and keep our eyes on God. She responded with, "Never lose faith, never lose hope, and never give up Mom." From her lips to God's ears and mine! What a perceptive child she is!

Please keep praying for us. There is a lot of yuck going on right now that I can't talk about. Just please cover us in prayer.

I want to end this with my "Remaining in His Grip", but I can't. I don't know where His Grip is right now. I don't feel it. I know it's there. I have faith that it's there. I just can't exactly find it.

So...I'm trusting that His Grip is there and the kids and I remain there, even though I can't exactly find it. After all, that is faith...believing in what you cannot see or in my case feel today.


Please, please pray for God's wisdom, protection, and mercy to intervene.

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