Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pity Party

Ok...It's fair to say that my last post was a pity party. I don't have them often and almost never on here, but I needed the vent.

I'm better now. The kids and I went to the Smokies the first part of the week for a vacation with Keith's parents. It was a wonderful time away. We stayed at this indoor water park resort. It was a nice place. We didn't leave the resort until the third day we were there.

It was our first vacation since Keith's death with Nana and Pawpaw. Keith, the kids and I went on vacation with them every year for six or seven years. It was nice to go on a trip with them again. I know that we all missed Keith. His absence was definitely felt. I do think it was good for all of us to experience the moving forward of life.

I really appreciated the extra help with the kids. I was able to get caught up (a little ahead even) on my homework. I don't feel nearly as overwhelmed with that as I was.

Our "place" for vacation with Keith's parents has usually been the Alabama gulf coast. We were planning on going there this time, and I just couldn't go. I couldn't make the reservations. I couldn't do it. My heart was not in all. When I made the suggestion of this alternative, everyone, including the kids, was excited. It may be that our vacation place has to change for a while, at least until more healing has taken place.

Nick has a checkup in Birmingham in the morning. I'm not looking forward to going, but it's necessary. Hopefully it will be a run of the mill kind of day.

Thank you for praying us through the days since my last post. Life isn't nearly as nasty and yucky now. I'm praying that it stays that way for a while.

In His Grip,

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