Sunday, November 25, 2012

Update on Nick 11/25/12

I hope this finds you all well fed and full of thankfulness this weekend. The kids and I have had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

I’ve waited a few days to post this most recent update, because I wanted to just focus on being thankful.

Wednesday, 11/21, Kacie and I were in Birmingham with Nick for another chemo treatment.

Nick’s port did not want to work again. There was another blood clot blocking the end of the line. I wasn't able to gain access to the port two weeks ago to flush the line. I wasn't really surprised that there was a problem. After having some of the clot buster medication put in the line, it worked just fine.

The only real concern the oncologist has right now is Nick’s iron level. The levels seem to be trending down again. That usually means two things could be happening. 1) Nick’s body isn't absorbing iron properly again. OR 2) Nick is becoming anemic again. There is a difference between being iron deficient and anemic. For Nick, the iron deficiency means that something in his body is preventing him from absorbing and using iron properly. The anemia that Nick has a history of developing is called autoimmune hemolytic anemia. It’s a form of anemia that is caused by the /lymphoma spreading to the spleen.

The oncologist does not think that Nick is to the point of having the anemia flare up again. He actually thinks that Nick is having trouble absorbing iron properly. What is causing this problem? We aren't sure yet. It could be the cancer going active again.

We are really hoping and praying that this is just a fluke and the cancer is not growing again. For now, the oncologist wants to increase Nick’s daily doses of iron to three times a day. Yes, that is a lot of iron. Nick has had to do this before, so we know the routine.

Now, we wait and see what happens.

The other thing going on with Nick is the surgeon, Dr. Beierle, wants to see more in depth scans before she makes a decision about trying to remove the cancer from Nick’s abdomen. There are some insurance issues concerning getting new scans. The insurance doesn’t want to pay for them. The oncologist and surgeon are going to try to take a more in-depth look at the scans that were done in August to see if they can gather the information needed to make the necessary decisions.

We are waiting to see what happens on this side of things as well.

Nick is scheduled to go back the week before Christmas for his next doses of chemo and IVIG.

Lots of prayer will be very much appreciated.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

In HIS Grip,


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