Friday, December 14, 2012

Laying here...

Today has been a day that will be forever remembered for the tragic loss of life in a small New England school.

I lay here in my bed trying to sleep. It's late. I've been down sick with the flu for a couple of days. I can hear Nick's tv in his room. I can hear Kacie getting settled in her bed.

I'm restless. My heart is so heavy tonight. The scenes on tv have been horrific. The "normalcy" of the bedtime sounds in my house seem out of place tonight...yet I still have my children to hug a little tighter. So the sounds I'm hearing are very normal indeed.

I guess it's the realization that in several homes tonight, the sounds aren't normal and routine. The normalcy is gone forever. These families have to begin a grief journey that is truly unimaginable.

Christmas stockings are hung and presents wrapped for eager hands and smiling faces that won't ever...

It's a restless kind of night. My mother's heart is hurting. Yes. It's a restless kind of night.

I'm restless

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