Thursday, November 22, 2012

And she's....


I have a picture of a baseball ref waving his arms as the player slides into the base just ahead of the ball.

I'm safe! I made it through Thanksgiving #4 since Keith's death.

Yeah...I know. I'm still counting things. Not all the time and not everything though.

I am very thankful that today was a good day. I did have some moments when the sadness and grief showed up. Kind of like that family member that always brings the worst food to a meal. You hope that this time it will be different, but it's not. Well...not much anyway.

I had my cry. I let myself miss Keith and grieve for him. Not for very long. It's never for very long any more. I always have some Scripture that God brings to my mind or a realization that settles my grief back down. Today it was both. The Scripture was about mourning for a season. The realization was of how thankful I truly am that Keith is healed. It was exactly what I needed today.

The kids and I slept in this morning and spent the afternoon with extended family. I think for the first time in an extremely long time, I didn't cook any part of the meal today. Kacie baked some cupcakes to take. It was so nice to literally just show up, especially since I'm half way sick and utterly exhausted.

Between working as much as possible, traveling with Kacie for dance, and traveling with Nick for chemo, November has been quite busy!

No wonder I'm exhausted! When I get really tired, I get emotional. That's another reason I am glad today has come to a close. I don't need any help from holidays to stir up my emotions.

I hope everyone has had a blessed Thanksgiving.

In HIS Grip,

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