Friday, February 18, 2011

Update on Nick 2/18/11

Nick and I were back in Birmingham on Thursday, February 17, for CT scans, checkup, IVIG, and chemo.

The CT scans showed that the large mass in the lower right pelvic area has gotten smaller by 2 or 3 centimeters vertically and horizontally. The spleen has also decreased in size. Nick's oncologist said this was enough of a change to say that the chemo is working. PRAISE GOD!

The only real concerns are a couple of other spots that were on Nick's CT scans. One spot is right behind his naval. The second spot is along the back wall of the very top of the small intestine. What we do know is the spot behind the naval has been there. It has also shown up on PET scans, which is a strong indicator that it is another cancer spot. The second spot has me more concerned. I don't remember the doctor mentioning this spot to me before. I was so tired yesterday that I didn't even think to ask more questions.

The doctor isn't going to make any changes to Nick's chemo right now. He wants to give it longer to work. That is fine with us. These other spots may go away or they may not. The spot behind the small intestine is unreachable and can cause problems if it gets bigger. It will be watched closely.

Nick's IGG level was within normal range this time. The doctor went ahead and gave Nick the mega dose IVIG to try to keep his level up.

There was not enough time to fit everything in yesterday. Nick ended up not getting the chemo. We will be going back on Thursday, February 24, for his chemo.

Thank you for the prayers. We definitely saw some answered yesterday.

Today has presented some more challenges. When Nick came home from school this afternoon, he was running a high fever. His only complaint was a headache. Because of the chemo and everything else, I am required to call the oncology clinic whenever this kind of fever happens.

I had to take Nick to the ER here for lots of tests. Nick tested negative for flu and strep. His blood work looked okay. Nothing major. His chest x-ray was also fine. The oncologist ordered a dose of IV antibiotics to cover Nick from anything that he might be fighting. Blood cultures were also drawn from Nick's central IV line. It is possible there is an infection there. The earliest we will know anything is tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon, but it could take up to a week for the final results to come in.

If Nick's fever gets really high again or he feels worse, I have orders to go back to the ER for more IV antibiotics and blood cultures.

Please cover us in prayer. This is another challenge and we are all tired.

In His Grip,
Kristy Baxley

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Gmama Jane said...

Hi Kristy
Looks like you never get a break from the worry and stress. Your post was so good about relying on God and in your situation that's about all you can do. How anyone gets along without our Savior is a complete mystery to me.
However, I would love to see you be able to have a complete day away from worry. I did spend some time lifting you and the children up in prayer.
Love you and am in awe of your faith and perseverance.