Wednesday, October 29, 2008

God's Umbrella

Okay. I give up! God has certainly made it clear to me that while I have been feeling overwhelmed, He has had it ALL under control.

Bear with me while I try to explain.

1. Our accident: We knew that God was with us during that accident. We were hit very hard by a drunk driver. The fact that we were pretty much uninjured is the work of God. How many people have been terribly injured or killed by a drunk driver?

2. Our accident: We knew our van had some damage, but initial inspections showed that the damage was not believed to be disabling. We were able to drive it back home from the beach without any problems. We think we might have put 500 miles on it post-accident. We found out today that the rear suspension was knocked out of place when we were hit. WE DROVE HOME WITHOUT ANY PROBLEMS! The what-ifs are circling.

3. Dishwasher: Our dishwasher went out Sunday night. The weekend was hectic. Monday was hectic. The last thing I needed was to deal with a broken dishwasher full of dirty dishes. I finally got them all done. I don't have a problem washing dishes by hand. I've done before, I'll do it again. It was simply the hassle of it all. On days like the last few that we have had, normal things ( like dishwashers breaking or kids getting sick) tend to send me over the edge. The dishwasher issue has been taken care of. We will have a new one delivered and installed on Friday. Someone (you know who you are) has been very generous to provide us with one. To the Special Someone: Rest assured your instructions were followed to the letter. Karen was very helpful and kind. We can not thank you enough.

So, God has once again shown me that He is still in charge. My worries are for nothing. He is indeed holding the umbrella. It was my choice to step out from His shelter. I do admit that He probably had to fold up the umbrella and hit me over the head with it before I got a clue!

Keith is feeling okay. His cough has gotten worse, but he called the oncologist this morning and got some antibiotics. He also got some strict instructions to follow (check temperature, monitor breathing, call if anything changes). Please pray for him. He has coughed to the point his stomach hurts. Please pray that he will find relief soon.

I'm still anxious about next week, but I am trying to let God's peace take over.

Thank you for all of the prayers!


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