Friday, November 7, 2008

Today is a better day

Today is a better day. I'm still sad, but I'm not crying right now anyway. I'm more rested after a full night's sleep and not getting up at 0:chicken:30.

Yesterday with Nick was tough, especially when we didn't get the scan results until about 2:30/3:00. That made for a long day. The delay was nothing major on our part, but my imagination took hold. My imagination went from the doctor being delayed with another patient (which is what happened), to the doctor waiting for a surgeon to come talk to us about the results and what surgical options we needed to look at (has happened before). It turned out okay.

I wish the results were better, but I can see God's hands at work here. Nick isn't cancer free, but he is stable. Nick is still healed from the masses in his digestive tract. Nick's immune system issues aren't resolved, but we are able to give him some medicine to help. All of these are miracles within themselves, and I am thankful.

We saw Nick's GI doctor yesterday while Nick was trying to choke down the "motor oil" tasting stuff for his scans. He wants us to schedule Nick for another scope procedure...soon. I don't know when we'll be doing it. I know this is something Nick will have to do FOREVER, but I still have trouble with it. I hate for Nick to go through something else. We have watched him go through things that would make adults cringe. It's hard.

That's about it for right now. Keith has a doctor's appointment to check his blood sugar issues this morning. 5 years of almost nonstop chemo has made him a diabetic. The doctor changed him over to insulin shots about 6 weeks ago. We find out today how well the shots are working. There's a little blood test they do that tells the doctor what your blood sugar has been running over the last three months. Can't cheat on that one!

Thank you again for the thoughts and prayers.


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