Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Recital and more

What a busy week last week was! By the time Friday got here, I was so tired. Friday afternoon and evening brought an event that Kacie has been striving for all school year. It was dance recital time!

Kacie dances for a Christian studio called Steps of Faith. Friday and Saturday completed her third year of dance. Dance has been a wonderful outlet for Kacie. I have been given the opportunity to get to know some of the strongest, faith-filled Christian moms through Kacie's dream of dancing.

It was a beautiful recital full of praise in various forms of dance. Kacie danced beautifully. Kacie and I were exhausted when it was over.

Keith started treatment again on Monday, 6/9. He is okay. I'm afraid today was more tiring for him than he needed it to be. Nick had an appointment with his ENT, and I had a bunch of VBS errands to run afterward. Nick's checkup went well. We'll go back in August or sooner if necessary. Keith went with us this morning. Then tonight, we were working at the church getting ready for VBS next week. Keith did rest in between, but it certainly doesn't take much for him to tire out. I just hope that it doesn't catch up with him tomorrow and make him feel worse.

I think we are slowly beginning to settle into a routine. I finally feel like it is summer vacation since we've gotten through our major doctors appointments. I won't go into all that tonight. I'm pretty tired and it's getting late.

Thank you for the prayers yesterday. Keith really handled this treatment well.

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