Thursday, June 5, 2008

Praises To God!

Keith and I feel so full of blessings today. I never thought that the word "stable" would bring such joy and hope to my heart. This week has been a difficult week. I mentioned how stressed I was Sunday, but I really couldn't put into words exactly how anxious I have been since returning from the beach.

Today was a day filled with wonderful news. Nick still has cancer, but he won't have to have surgery or chemo right now. I feel like I have been given a huge present.

We also heard this week that Keith's cancer, while still very serious, is mostly stable. It didn't increase in size very much since February. I was terrified of hearing that Keith would be stopping chemo and it was time to call hospice in.

The last thing I want to face is life without Keith, Nick, or Kacie by my side. We live with the knowledge that Keith or Nick are literally fighting for their lives...daily. Nick has been fighting for 12 1/2 years. I look at the two of them and marvel at the way God has worked in their lives.

We try to take today for today. I still worry. I have to constantly battle with turning things over to God, only to take them back again. I feel like God is constantly telling me to let Him work. I am continually trying to fight that.

Thank you again for all of the prayers. Please join us in giving thanks for the answered prayers this week.

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