Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Please lift up Thomas Sullivan in prayer.

He is 6 years old and has been fighting medullablastoma for a little over a year now.

A few days ago, Thomas began having seizures. His parents, Tommy and Heather, rushed Thomas to Children's Hospital ER in Birmingham. 

Thomas was put on a ventilator and sedated. A CT scan of his brain was done immediately, but nothing was found. No evidence of a stroke or of the brain tumor recurring.

Thomas continued to have seizures, even though he had been given a lot of anti-seizure medication.

EEG's were done. MRI/MRA scans were done. Still no real answers as to WHY Thomas was seizing so frequently. 

Thomas received several units of blood and platelets. His magnesium levels were extremely low and the neuro-oncologist thought that might be the reason for the seizures. Thomas was given a bolus of IV magnesium.

The seizures lessened to the point they were only noticeable on EEG. 

A lumbar puncture was done so that the doctors could test Thomas' spinal fluid for cancer cells and infection. 

This sweet family found out this morning that there are cancer cells in Thomas' spinal fluid. The medullablastoma is back. It has come back while Thomas is still receiving chemo. 

This is very ominous news. The cancer is believed to be very aggressive at this point. The neuro-oncologist did not give Thomas' family very much hope.

Thomas was successfully taken off the ventilator this evening and he is breathing on his own.

Tomorrow, the neuro-oncologist will meet with Thomas' parents and discuss what their options are. 

Please, please pray Warriors! This family needs so much right now. Please pray for peace, wisdom, discernment, HEALING!!! Please pray for Dr Reddy (neuro-oncologist) as she and her team look for some kind of treatment option for Thomas.

You all have been so faithful to pray us through our trials with Nick's health, Keith's cancer and death. 

Please lift this precious child up to the throne. These are personal friends of mine. My heart is breaking for them. 

In HIS Grip,

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