Thursday, January 10, 2013


I found a partially used notebook in a cabinet this morning. As I was cleaning out the used pages, I found this poem I wrote sometime before Keith's death. My guess is that I wrote it sometime in 2008/early 2009 based on the other stuff in the notebook. I wasn't keeping a private journal at that time. If I needed to write, I either posted on here or wrote on the next available page of whatever notebook I was using to keep track of life. I'm reading through it this morning and I feel led to share. This is a very blunt writing. It is very much a "stream of consciousness" piece of what I was feeling. It speaks to me right now as I continue to pray for my little friend Thomas, his mommy and daddy.


The life that is gone
The days left behind
Happiness and joy out of reach
The cruelty of a life unkind.

The hope of tranquility
Nowhere in sight
Dark tunnel I'm travelling
Where is the light?

Stress and sadness always surround
Too much to take; too weak to care
Hope forgotten and dreams lost
A burden so heavy, no way to share.

Where is God?
Can't He hear me cry?
My prayers no longer answered
No more can I try.

Acceptance of this life of mine
Death seems certain to take my heart.
The ones I love more than life
Why, oh God, is my life ripped apart?

Where are the miracles?
For what do I pray?
When will it all end?
Any price I will pay.

God, do you hear me?
I cry out to you.
Heal them, heal me
As only The One can do.

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