Friday, December 30, 2011

Update on Nick 12/30/11

It’s been a little while since I sent out an update on Nick. Things have been pretty routine. Nick was in Birmingham last week for chemotherapy, IVIG, and checkups with the oncologist and the kidney specialist (aka nephrologist). Everything on the oncology side checked out okay. Nick got his chemo and IVIG without any problems.

The checkup with the nephrologist was Nick’s first follow up since being put on blood pressure medication. The doctor is very satisfied with the way the medication is controlling Nick’s blood pressure. The doctor wanted Nick to have a special scan of his kidneys in order to check for scarring. The scan is called a DMSA scan and falls under nuclear medicine. It is very similar to the PET scans that Keith and Nick had in past times. This one involves less radiation though.

Nick and I went back down to Children’s Hospital yesterday (Wednesday, Dec 28) for the DMSA scans. I don’t have any final results yet, but as soon as I do I will pass them along.

I’m not totally clear on what good results are for this scan. Honestly, I’m confused after speaking with the nephrologist about it prior to the scans. I’ve decided I’m not going to pass along any information that I have right now until I get some things clarified. Just pray that the doctor sees what needs to be seen and God’s will be done. It would also be good if the kidney problems would just be healed.

Right now, there aren’t any other tests scheduled. The oncologist is debating on how soon to do the next round of CT scans.

Due to scheduling conflicts, we get an extra week off before Nick’s next chemo treatment. I will say that I am not sad about that! Any kind of break is greatly appreciated!

We are scheduled to return for chemo and IVIG on Jan 18. Please continue to pray as God leads. I also ask that prayers specifically for Nick’s immune system be lifted up. Going the extra week stretches the protection that the IVIG provides. Pray that Nick’s immune system can stay strong. He is on some antibiotics because of some congestion that surfaced a couple of days following his chemo. That’s being very proactive, but with the Christmas holiday and all the contact with people, it was better not to take any chances.

I hope this finds you all well. I hope that you and yours had a very blessed Christmas. We certainly did!

In HIS Grip,

Kristy Baxley

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