Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Update on Nick Baxley 8/10/11

Hi All!

We were back at Children’s Hospital today for the “old” chemo and IVIG. I am very thankful that Nick handled all of the chemo and IVIG very well today. He did not react at all to the IVIG. Even though there is a risk of a reaction with the IVIG, Nick hasn’t had a reaction to this in several years.

I was concerned that he might react today simply because of the reaction that Nick had to the “new” chemo 10 days ago.

Everything went very well though and for that I praise God!

There isn’t much else to report from today. Nick’s labs were good. There still isn’t any news from the bone marrow transplant team. Maybe we will know something when we go back on Friday for the “new” chemo.

The oncologist did mention today that he may decide to stop the “new” chemo after Friday. He is concerned about the way Nick’s body is handling the chemo and the extra steroids.

Certainly lots to think and pray about...

Friday will likely be another very long day. The doctor and nurses are already working on an action plan on how to increase Nick’s rate per hour and keep the reaction to a minimum.

To say that I am anxious is an understatement.

Please pray.

In His Grip,

Kristy Baxley

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