Friday, March 18, 2011

Quick Update on Nick 3/17/11

This is quick. I'll fill in the rest once I can think through things more.
Nick and I were in Birmingham today for his checkup, labs, IVIG, and chemo.
Nick's labs were good.
The checkup was good.
His port didn't want to work again and we had to use the clot buster medicine again.
The IVIG and chemo went in fine.
Nick's tired, but so far so good on the nausea. I'm praying he can make it through the night and the weekend without being sick.
His hair is letting loose a little bit. Cover his sweet head in prayer. He wants to have it cut down further this weekend. I'll see if it's possible to make that happen.
Now...We need lots of prayer for guidance, clarity, wisdom, and whatever else God leads you to pray for. The oncologist told us his thoughts on Nick's long term prognosis with not only the cancer, but also the immune system disorder. The plan is a REALLY BIG deal and requires a HUGE amount of faith. Just thinking about the logistics of everything is overwhelming for me. That has to increase exponentially for Nick. There is also a lot of responsibility about decision making on him as well.
That's all I am saying right now. I haven't talked with Nick at great length about today. Kacie knows nothing about this. I don't want to talk with her until after Nick and I have talked it out.
Please pray. We need all the prayer warriors surrounding us as we try to sort everything out. We also need Satan to stay away during this process.
More later...I promise.
In His Grip,
Kristy Baxley

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