Monday, July 7, 2008

Another treatment...

We have had a very nice couple of weeks. Things have been somewhat calm, considering everything. Nick had an appointment in Birmingham last week. Everything seems to be settling down just a little bit. His oncologist has scheduled PET and CT scans for mid-August. If these scans yield good results, the doctor is willing to let us take a step back for a few months. We would dearly love for that to happen. We have certainly traveled to Birmingham more frequently that once a month during the last 12 1/2 years, but it does get monotonous.

Keith had another round of chemo today. He also had a checkup with the nurse practitioner (CRNP) who works with the oncologist. We were surprised by how low Keith's platelets had gotten. Since the beginning of June, Keith has been getting an additional shot to help with his platelet production. Keith has been feeling pretty good and not having any problems with bleeding. We were taken completely by surprise with today's news. Keith was able to receive treatment today, but the CRNP recommended more of the platelet shots as a preventative measure. Keith will be getting a platelet shot everyday for three days this week and repeat the series again in two weeks.

Hopefully, these additional shots will enable Keith's body to tolerate another chemo treatment in two weeks. I fear that we are approaching another stopping point. Keith's bone marrow is tired. He has endured so much and had so many drugs pumped into his body. It's not a surprise that this chemo is hitting him so hard. It is hard to accept when we know that this is one of Keith's last hopes of being cured with medicine.

Today has been a little discouraging. We won't really know much more until two weeks from today. In four weeks, we will meet with the doctor to discuss everything. Please continue praying for Keith and our whole family. We aren't ready to quit, but there may not be a choice one day soon.

Keith is feeling okay from the chemo today. He is tired, but that isn't unusual. From tomorrow on, each day should be better than the one before. It is quiet around our house tonight. The kids have gone to stay with Keith's parents for a couple of days. They love spending time at Nana and Pawpaw's house. I'm trying not to dwell on today.

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